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Corporate Video: Make Your Brand Stand Out

Corporate videos can be great marketing tools and are produced for B2B purposes including promotions, trainings and for pitching.  It’s easy to make corporate videos badly – but here are Cella Productions’ tips on how to make a great one.

Frame from Cella Productions 'Watch Big Brother Watching You
Cella Productions’ 7 tips:

  1. Keep it short and straight to the point – make your viewer intrigued not bored.
  2. Know why you are making the video and its purpose before you start. For example is it for training or promotional purposes?
  3. It’s better not to talk too much about yourself – unless you are Steve Jobs ☺. Get someone else to present your company.
  4. Humour can be good but you need to know your audience and it has to have a message.
  5. Make it memorable – try to get an influential person or celebrity involved by being the face of your corporation/brand.
  6. Choose the platform to showcase your video before producing it. The use of sound and visuals depends on the type of platform such as online, TV or flat screen displays at office or exhibition locations. The latter will most likely minimize or often exclude sound and therefore visuals are even more important to convey your message.
  7. Get professionals involved to avoid damaging your brand. If you have a great product or service but it’s presented badly, it will affect your image and hence your returns – nobody proposes with a diamond ring presented in a plastic bag.

by Mehyar Abou Matouk, Head of Creative