Cinematographer – Rodolph Seraphine

Directors of Photography

Rodolph Seraphine

is a French cinematographer, who specializes in commercials and fiction. He has worked alongside renowned professionals on short and feature films, commercials, documentaries, music videos as well as corporate image films. Rodolph is experienced in building complex lighting setups as well as operating, steady gimbals, dolly, cranes and Gyro-Stabilized Arm car rigs. Clients include Samsung, McDonald’s, BMW M6 mobile, Moneygram, Candy’ up, Virgin, Dassault Systems, Sunny Delight, Viadeo, Clergerie, IDBus, Danao, Gerble, Mercedes, Chevrolet, Goodyear, Apple, O2, RWE, Adidas, McFit, Fonic…