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Is Video Really the Future of Content Marketing?

Is Video Really the Future of Content Marketing?

Video has in the past few years been hailed the future of content marketing. In a fast-moving and ever changeable world where short attention span seems to be a global condition, video is definitely a great tool to captivate attention from prospective customers and clients. This is because, rather than having to read a long text explaining a topic, product or brand, a great story can be told through video.
It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If so, what is a series of moving images worth? Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research has found that a 1-minute video is worth 1.8 million words (based on the simple formula: (f = 30 frames per second x length of video in seconds
x 1000). Of course if you shoot on 24 or 25 frames it will be slightly less 🙂

Why Video Content has Greater Impact

An increasing number of blogs and articles explain why video content has greater impact than a single image or text. These are just to mention a few of these statistics and arguments:
*Video-future-social-media Visuals are processed 60,000 faster than text. Our brains are developed to respond to the combination of images, sound and movement faster than to written information.
* 90% of what our brains pick up is visuals and our memories store around 40% more of information received via visuals than of text.
Also online marketing campaigns can benefit highly from using video content:
* Ads have 41% higher click-through rate if they contain video content than just plain text.
* Youtube dominates in reach and therefore expose content to a larger audience for marketing video content.
* Potential increase in SEO and online ranking as Google and Bing are testing video incorporation in search results.
* Smart phones are the online shop windows, thus we experience an increase in digital marketing content viewable on mobile phones and tablets.
And the list goes on..

Beware of amateurish videos negatively reflecting on your brand!!
The list of arguments in favour of using video content is long; but not all video content will have a positive impact on your brand. Sometimes, no video is better than a badly produced video.
More and more companies advertise the role of videographer, who will be expected to take care of all video marketing content production for the company in house. However, film and video production is not a one-man show. Sure, it’s possible to invest in a camera, sound equipment and lighting, but one person cannot operate all of these and if someone tries, it can be seen clearly in the result.
So, if you are proud of your brand and want it to look and appear its best, having a video online appearing amateurish with a poor concept, lighting, sound and badly edited, may actually tarnish you brand in such a way, that the clients you are trying to land will not take your brand, product or service seriously.

What about cuddly cat videos?
Cuddly cat videos are very popular and get huge amounts of viewings, but unfortunately these viewings seldom turn in to ROIs.
While it can be fun to create short vlogs and other video content on a semi-professional camera or mobile phone, these should only be used internally for team events. While videos appearing on your social media platforms or homepage should be carefully and professionally crafted to send the right signal, to impress potential clients and customers, and to ensure the image of your brand. So if you care about your brand, you should care about your video.

by S. Sommerlund, Producer