What We Do

Commercials & Corporate Videos

“We bring your ideas to life”

We produce high-end work and always focus on quality and style. We believe that your brand and product becomes more memorable and personal through emotions, humour and quirkiness.


“It’s all about your image”

We provide you with creative solutions to boost your branding through commercials, idents and promotional campaigns that fit your strategy to attract viewership and bring distinctive character to your network.


“We read between the lines”

We work with some of the best talents, actors, cinematographers, screenwriters and executive producers across the Middle East and Europe. We are currently developing our in-house production fiction feature ‘Republic of Fear’.

Programmes & Documentaries

“Stories are better told through frames”

We produce programmes and documentaries always emphasising the human element by focusing on visual storytelling.

How we work

Step 1: Meet, Greet & Brief
During our first meeting with you, we discuss your project, ideas and needs. We listen and work with you on your concept. We make suggestions if needed to help shape and define the scope of your project, and how best to get your message across.

Step 2: Research
We conduct research to ensure that we have all necessary information to tailor the production to your target audience.

Step 3: Development & Pre-production
We issue an estimated budget quote and upon agreement with you, we start development and pre-production.

Step 4: Production
Once you are happy with the concept developed in pre-production, we plan and produce your video.

Step 5: Post-Production
Before final handover and launch, we arrange for you to view the result and apply any amendments required to make sure the final result is perfect for the launch.

Step 6: Handover
We deliver the final result in the format as agreed with you prior to the start of production.

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